tulip valley

Welcome! The Tulip Valley Bed and Breakfast Association of Northwest Washington has been formed to help promote the beautiful Skagit Valley as a tourist destination. Its close proximity to the San Juan Islands, the North Cascade Mountains, Seattle, and Vancouver, British Columbia makes it the perfect place to base yourself.

The tulips in the Spring, whale-watching in the Summer, wild birds in the Fall and Winter, wonderful shopping and arts and crafts galleries year-round make this area a must on any visit to the Pacific Northwest any time of the year.

Our members represent a selection of accommodations ranging from one to eight rooms each and include a variety of living styles such as old Victorian homes, rustic cottages, waterfront views and contemporary farmhouses, many with private baths and most serving wonderful Northwest fare for breakfast.

Click on our regional map to find members in each area, or use the geographical links below. If an establishment has a web site, you’ll find it by clicking on the inn’s name. Call directly for more specific information, and come meet the innkeepers of Northwest Washington.

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